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Independent fashion designers need sewing equipment to launch fashion collections. Help us supply them with the resources they need.


Brocade Textiles space in fashion is to lead in the advancement of black fashion designers. Our future studio is a creative co-working sanctuary for independent designers who lack the fashion development resources to launch fashion collections.

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We have reached our $10k funding goal! We will continue to work to make our full funding goal to support our Chicago area designers.


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Space to Learn

Daily member rate for designers needing a couple hours a week to work

Space to develop

Part time access to cutting tables and sewing machines for growing designers

Space to thrive

Full time access for designers to work freely with amenities and in-house services.

Sewing Machine

GIVE TODAY TO HELP Supply Resources

Pivoting for our future

We are in the planning and development stage of our new studio to utilize the safe distancing practices and current city restrictions. All members will be required to follow these guidelines when in the studio.

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