Fashion, Are You Hearing Us?

We can't let our voices be settled by promises of drawn out change. While we are in this moment demanding transparency throughout the industry's vast network we want more action for the black creatives fashion has kept behind. I've been one voice as a black fashion designer, trying to find a way into the fashion industry through college education and as an independent designer. There are many more voices like me. There are black designers who have been held back from making their dreams of helming a fashion house because racism in fashion has continued to be passively addressed. They are overlooked for leading creative roles or often never credited for their cultural input. The discussions have begun to dismantle the past racist behaviors that we have left unanswered in the fashion industry so let's change it now. We are not accepting blank senteminet and small gestures. We need doors opened and a good house cleaning for those who have played apart in this toxic ecosystem. It seems as though the grease fire fashion has been putting out with water now needs flour.

Brocade Textiles is working to begin addressing the problem with the fashion designers who have been left out of fashion resources and funding. These resources are critical to develop production ready collections. Black designers begin as independent creatives sewing from home or college campuses. Those who can afford to move forward are too often hand picked for diversity figurines in a world that limits their voice over their own art and culture. We are no longer asking for space at the table with those who have felt inclined to ignore our impact on their brands. The industry has mislead and underrepresented black designers and people of color for too long. The spotlight belongs to the black designers and other creatives that haven't had the likeness welcoming enough for the gatekeepers who create enough space to be selectively inclusive. Creative directors, lead stylists, suppliers, manufactures, buyers and the list goes on of positions in fashion that black people have the power and talent to occupy. We will get there by supporting creative sewing spaces focused on our success. These spaces bring our greatest minds together to build partnerships. Mentorships, and equipment to designers ready to launch fashion brands.

Fashion designers require product development and financial readiness to launch a runway collection, it requires even more to launch store ready production runs. This comes as no surprise to those of you who have been on the front end of what is takes to reach a level of success in the industry. Many of you know how hard it becomes to step into the offices of brands and organizations whose tokenism of our likeliness are used for their profits. Our voices have become silenced and disrespectfully mimicked by executives and editors and those who hold decision making power. As those same voices have begun to speak up on the oppressive actions they've taken towards black designers it is not enough. Using current resources to fund spaces for black designers is a tangible action in the right direction. The industry needs to take immediate action to advancing more funding and education to independent designers and supporting organizations.

Together with your contribution our creative space will provide equipment and fashion resources as well as establish partnerships with other leading industry organizations to advance black designers in the fashion.We have an opportunity to begin the steps it will take to see the change we want.

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