How our Space in fashion began

Lydia Endora Thompson knew at an early age she would one day become the creative director of a fashion house when she grew up. As a young black girl growing up in Chicago the idea that the doors to the fashion industry would be guarded from black creatives like herself never crossed her mind. Her journey through the love of design began on her grandmother's kitchen floor on the southside of Chicago. By the time she entered design school at Columbia College the vision of the industry and her future within it became clear. There was no space for black designers to lead.

Lydia saw the issues in the education system that left designers with limited access to the in depth interworking of the fashion industry. After leaving Columbia she was left to work independently to secure her place in the fashion world. Like many designers there was no access to the sewing equipment and resources available to continue her design journey.


Here we are today as the fashion industry makes steps to undo the systematic racist practices that have limited black designers and designers of color from leading in their fields. As we all work to speak on the possible changes the industry needs to make we know one thing is certain, in order for fashion designers to succeed they must have a place to sew. 

Brocade Textiles is the solution to a problem many independent designers have, the lack of resources and community to build fashion collections.

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